Leftover Last Waltz

a celebration benefiting the education initiatives of The Woody Guthrie Center

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 | 6:00PM



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The Leftover Last Waltz brings Thanksgiving tradition to Cain's

Few family holiday traditions are as vivid for Mathew Schultz as watching the documentary "The Last Waltz" with his family around Thanksgiving. "I remember when I was 3, 4 years old, putting in the old VHS tape...

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Channel 2 Interview with Matthew Schultz

The Leftover Last Waltz - an event to raise money for the Woody Guthrie Center.


The Leftover Last Waltz II - The Tulsa Voice

Back for its second year at Cain's Ballroom, this new fall tradition features an onstage screening of Martin Scorsese's film on The Band's star-studded final performance, The Last Waltz, one of the greatest concert films...


Sandite organizing another annual 'Last Waltz' for benefit

Matthew Schultz isn’t exactly sure how it started, but every Thanksgiving he and his family would gather around the TV to watch “The Last Waltz,” the Martin Scorsese-directed concert...


'Leftover Last Waltz' gives thanks to the power of creativity

Schultz grew up in the kind of family that valued the appreciation of music, and one of the family's most cherished traditions was gathering around the television on or around Thanksgiving to watch a beat-up old VHS tape...