Leftover Last Waltz

a celebration benefiting the education initiatives of The Woody Guthrie Center

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 | 6:00PM


Woody Guthrie Center

The Leftover Last Waltz is honored to raise money for the education initiatives put on at the Woody Guthrie Center.  The Woody Guthrie Center, located in the historic Brady District in downtown Tulsa, is dedicated to preserving Woody Guthrie's body of work and celebrating his life and the continuation of his legacy.  As an educational facility, the Center provides resources to students, teachers and academics about Woody's important role in American history and his advocacy for social justice.  Further, The Center, home to the Woody Guthrie archives, preserves the legacy and life story of Woody Guthrie and communicates the social, political and cultural values found in Woody's vast body of work.  

The Woody Guthrie Center also provides outreach to local schools, an after-school music day program, and a summer music camp that gives students from all socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to work with local musicians as they hone their own writing and musical skills.

More than a museum, the Center is a place for investigation of inspiration. Woody's ability to use his creativity in expressing the world around him is displayed everywhere. The Woody Guthrie Center hopes to encourage others to find their voices and their own power that lies within the creative process.


Using Woody Guthrie's example, the Center's goal is to empower a new generation to find their voices, and, in Woody's words, "take pride in yourself and in your work."  For a truly amazing experience, visiting when the Center has groups of students on the floor singing their own songs and learning more about Oklahoma history and our proud heritage provides a true example of what the Woody Guthrie Center was designed to accomplish and promote.  The energy of creativity provides the opportunity and encouragement to a new generation, as well as a positive, and potentially life changing,  learning experience.

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All of the money and donations raised through The Leftover Last Waltz go directly to support of the Woody Guthrie Center's education initiatives. In order to reach area young people who come from low-income backgrounds, the Center doesn't charge admission fees to student groups from Title 1 schools; therefore, they must rely on donations to subsidize those tour costs.  Additionally, the donations raised help fund the after school music day programs and the summer camps that offer students the opportunity to develop their own creative writing and musical skills.  By promoting inspiration and creativity the Center carries on the legacy of Woody, as well as the performing artists of The Last Waltz.

For more information on the Woody Guthrie Center, please visit www.woodyguthriecenter.org